Frequently asked questions

Easy! Go to, type the Scooter ID of the scooter you wish to activate and press pay.
To pay it is required that you are connected to Swish.

To ride, you must first kick, then press the  throttle . KICK, then GO! Otherwise the motor won’t turn on.

Our current price is 20 SEK for 10 minutes, you pay before you go.

If the payment went through and the scooter didn’t turn on, you will be refunded automatically. If you haven’t received a refund within a couple of hours, contact us at our Report page and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Sorry about that.

You should always keep to the side of the road or ride along bike paths. Park only where local rules allow you. Generally, you can park the scooter where it is allowed to park a regular bike!

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